About Me

I'm a Civil Engineer from Montréal, Québec who has a passion for coding. While my full-time job has nothing to do with coding, my principal hobby is and has been for almost 15 years now. In fact, technology itself has always been my main interest ever since I touched on my first computer way back then.

Coding-wise, I worked on many small projects, learning everything on my own before getting involved with bigger projects. I'm one of the main contributors to the now almost defunct SimpsonsCity.com and one of the main developers of UserFrosting, an open-source user-management framework. My languages of choice are PHP, Javascript and CSS/SCSS, but I also worked before with Java, Swift, Flash Actionscript (RIP), etc. My greatest strength in coding is debugging existing source code by going through it and designing tests to understand exactly what's wrong, even if I don't know the language it's programmed in.

My latest work includes creating UserFrosting's Internationalization module, a module crucial to me as a multilingual software developer from Canada where software supporting both official languages, English and French, are common. I also worked UserFrosting's Bakery CLI interface and I'm currently working on brining UserFrosting Code Coverage as close as possible to 100%. See the projects page for a full list of what I've been working on recently.

On the academic side, I have a bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering from École de Technologie Supérieure (ÉTS) as well as a master's degree in urban infrastructure management, also from ÉTS, for which I worked on a PHP-based proof-of-concept software dedicated to project management and cost tracking.

Overall, I like to share my knowledge by helping others, the same way I was helped when I first started coding.

What is BBQSoftwares?

Simply put, it’s me. One of my first (successful?) app was called BBQ. It was a small device loan management software. Think of the software a library would use to track which book has been borrowed by whom, but for small electronic devices like iPhones and iPads. That name stuck around me for a while. At some point, I needed a domain name and... you get the rest.