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UserFrosting is a secure, modern user management system written in PHP and built on top of the Slim Microframework, Twig templating engine, and Eloquent ORM.

I've been working with the UserFrosting team since summer 2016. At that time, I was looking for a new User Management framework to start working on some new projects. During my research, I came across UserFrosting which was the project at the time that had (almost) all the features I was looking at the time : Localization support, templating support, admin interface, etc.

I quickly got involved with the development team as I started working on fixes for the internationalization system, the i18n package and later with the Bakery CLI interface. Since I finished my work on GASTON in April 2018, UserFrosting have been my primary focus. Recently, I've been mostly working on the 4.2.0 version and on meeting our code coverage goals in preparation for the upcoming 4.3 version.

My contribution to UserFrosting includes :

  • The Bakery CLI tool;
  • Rewriting of the internationalization system;
  • Migration system;
  • Rewriting of the Uniform Resource Locator;
  • Continuous support on the chat and the forums;
  • Update to the learn documentation website, including support for older version of UserFrosting;

Working on UserFrosting, with continuous support from Alexander Weissman, the project lead, really helped me become a better developer in the last years. Before working on UserFrosting, I never used Composer and Unit Testing was an abstract concept. I never even used PHP Classes and Interfaces before! Coming from an outdated version of phpBB, I was still writing spaghetti code. Now code quality, Unit Testing, good dependencies and code documentation are the most important part of coding for me, as well as helping others.

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