Toutes sortes d’idées et de guides sur des outils de développement modernes. Chaque fois que je réussis à résoudre un problème particulier, j'aime partager l'information ici au cas que l'information soit utile pour d'autres personnes. Des fois, je partage aussi des choses et guides d'installation juste au cas où j'en aurais besoin plus tard.

The latest trend theses days in user interface design is definitely dark mode. I’m personally a big user of dark themes. I use it on my MacBook, iPhone, VSCode, GitHub and pretty much everywhere I can activate it. I find it can be easier on eye strain when working long hours in front of a screen like I do.

I haven't used scss in a while, and of course, when you don't touch something in a while, it won't work anymore. That was the case with node-sass, used to compile .scss file. Here's my notes on how to reinstall node-sass globally on MacOS, including the necessary Atom package, in case it could be useful to someone else.